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Hot Mezza
All Mezza is served with Arabic bread

Mina Meat Balls - £4.50
Delicious little spicy meat balls served with our unique sauce.

Bamieh (v) - £4.50
Okra cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes and herbs.

Falafel (v) - £4.50
Vegetarian traditional eastern snack made of chickpeas and broadbeans and flavoured with exotic spices, shaped in to balls and deep fried with our special sauce.

Kibba - £4.50
Lamb and cracked wheat shell filled with seasoned minced lamb, onion and roasted pine nuts, deep fried with our yougrtmint sauce.

Jawaneh - £4.50
Marinated chicken wings with oregano and spices then grilled on charcoal.

Sujuk - £4.50
Sliced Lebanese spicy sausage with our unique sauce.

Battata Harra (v) - £4.50
Cubes of baby Potatoes cooked with coriander, chilli, garlic and spices.

Foul Moudamas (v) - £4.50
Boiled broad beans,chickpeas simmered in tomatoes, garlic toppedwith olive oil and lemon juice.

Mussels - £5.50
Cooked with cream, wine and garlic sauce.

Garlic Mushrooms (v) - £4.50
Fresh mushrooms sautéed in garlic, wine, parsley and butter.

Tiger Prawns - £5.10
Sautéed in garlic, with our tomato herb sauce.

Selection of Mézzes                         
Platter of 6 mezzes: Hummus, Moutabbal , Tabboule, Falafel , Warak Enab and Kibba.

 2 Person £13.00

 3 Person £17.50

4 Person £22.00

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Hot Mezza

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