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Cold Mezza
All Mezza is served with Arabic bread

                                      Hummus (v) - £4.20                                                                    Everyone’s favourite. Mashed chickpeas with tahinisauce, garlic, lemon juice and topped with olive oil.

Baba Ghannouj(v) - £4.50
Blended charcoal grilled aubergine with garlic, Tahini(pure sesame oil) and lemon juice served with olive oil.

Tabboule(v) - £4.50
A true classic, chopped fresh parsley, diced tomatoes, mint spring onion and cracked wheat Tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs.

Fattoush(v) - £4.50
A delightful mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, fresh mint and parsley and toasted Arabic bread tossed with olive oil, lemons Juice.

Warak Enab(v) - £4.50
A healthy mix of rice & Vegetable, wrapped with pickled grape leaves then cooked in natural juices.

Lebanese Salad (v) - £4.30
Fresh mixture of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, fresh mint, parsley and dressing.

LebanBi-Khyar(v) - £4.50
Home made yogurt mixed with cucumber, mint and a touch of garlic.

Greek Salad (v) - £4.70
Fresh lettuce, cucumber,tomato, spring onion, with Feta cheese,olives and dressing.

Prawn Cocktail - £4.50
Fresh prawns mixed with homemade prawns sauce, served on bed of salad and garnished with slice of fresh lemon.

Cold Mezza

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