About Us.

Our restaurant is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful Lebanese Cuisine.

The Lebanese Cuisine is a cuisine of the nature. Its colours reflect the richness of sunny Landscape and its diversity reflect the goodness and the hospitality of the Lebanese people. Lebanese food is unique in that it combines the sophistication and subtleties of European haute cuisines with the exotic ingredient of the orient. a meal usually start with a “Mezza”, a selection of salads (tabboule and fattoush), hummus, moutabbal, stuffed grape leaves dolma and kibba. The main course is generally grilled meat, chicken or fish served with rice or bread. In fact the Mezza are appetizer that can make a whole meal. Desserts may include many different variations of sweets such as baklawa, Yogurt with honey. At the end of the meal, black coffee (Turkish style) is a very popular drink, as well as Fresh mint tea (chai).

The Lebanese food is a celebration of life; it is fresh, flavorful and has a class of its own. We are proud of our excellent customer services and delicious tasty fresh food. We have been recommended by many customers, on the Tripadvisor, Facebook, and Google.

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